WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


What is VFOLK?

VFOLK is committed to defining an alternative for adult smokers, delivering satisfaction minus the negative — smoke, ash or odor.

The VFOLK e-cigarette is an easy-to-use vaporizer used to inhale flavored e-liquid which can contain nicotine. The constituent parts include a battery, a heating mechanic, storage for e-liquid and a mouthpiece. Our premium battery performance can easily support a full day of heavy use and rapidly recharge in 45 minutes. The 1-click pod design allows you to swap flavors in seconds. A magnetic lock secures pods into place.

    Tackling the e-juice leakage issue in traditional e-cigarettes, VFOLK e-cigarettes use an advanced double-sealed design to separate the pod and vaporizer. There will be no e-juice leakage with this device even if it is violently swung, tilted or placed on different surfaces.

      What is included in the VFOLK Starter Kit?
      The VFOLK starter kit includes one vape pen in the color of your choice, two e-liquid pods in the flavor of your choice and one USB charging cable.
        How long does a VFOLK battery last before it needs to be recharged?
        When fully charged, VFOLK batteries can last for 3 days of average use and 1 full day of heavy use. Individual use may vary.
          How long will it take to recharge my VFOLK device?
          Your VFOLK battery takes approximately 45 minutes to reach a full charge.
            How do I know when my VFOLK device needs to be recharged?
            A red light indicator on the VFOLK vape pen means that you should recharge your battery as soon as possible.
              Can I use any type of charger to charge my VFOLK device?
              We do not recommend that you use any other charger to charge your VFOLK vaping device as we can’t guarantee that other companies’ products will meet the voltage and requirements. If you choose to use a third party’s product, we won’t be responsible for any issues that you may experience with your device. In addition, using third party charger may void your device warranty.
                What is VFOLK pod?
                Our smooth and satisfying nicotine liquid pods, deliver a bold twist to your taste buds. It uses revolutionary heating technology which adopts ceramic wicking with metal film, which greatly improves e-liquid flavor, is leak-proof and increases vaporizing efficiency. Our breakthrough nicotine salt formula serves consistent and continuous taste, creating a next-level vaping experience.
                VFOLK pod uses the world's most advanced trapezoidal funnel-shaped honeycomb ceramic core technology. Atomizing to 0.01mm and evenly heating tens of thousands of honeycomb holes maximize the conversion rate, which ensures consistently smooth and mellow taste.
                VFOLK pods uses advanced magnetic lock technology to secure pods into place. The process is intuitive and user-friendly.
                  How long does VFOLK pod last?
                  One VFOLK pod:
                  • equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes
                  • 1.2ml e-liquid capacity
                  • 400 puffs
                    What is the nicotine level in VFOLK pod?
                    Currently, we offer VFOLK pods at 5% nicotine.
                      What flavor does VFOLK offer?
                      VFOLK offers a variety of flavors - American tobacco, mint, mango and coffee flavor. You can choose American tobacco and mint flavor, to satisfy the craving of traditional tobacco taste, or something special like fruit and coffee to bring that extra kick into your day.