WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Is Vfolk Pro?

What Is Vfolk Pro?

December 20, 2019

Founded in California, USA in 2016, VFOLK is a brand specialized in superior quality and authentically satisfying vape devices. The core members of the team are from world-class companies like Lenovo, Facebook, with their respective expertise in industrial manufacturing & design, and having researched for about 1 year, the very first vape product – Vfolk Pro has rolled out in April 2019.

What is Vfolk Pro?

Shortly, Vfolk Pro is a rechargeable, prefilled pod system featuring the cutting-edge ceramic FEELM 4.0 atomizer.

It sounds normal as other countless pod vapes out there?

Yeah, but not really!

As a problem-solving vape pod, Vfolk Pro distinguishes itself from others in 3 technical details.

1. Linear constant voltage technology

*Problem solved: taste weakens as the battery consumes;

Facing the problem that the output voltage of lithium battery falls when it’s working, most of the vape pod devices have difficulty in the last puff – tastes turn harsh or weak near the end of power.

While Vfolk Pro device adopts the advanced chip tech containing the exclusive current control module and booster module to keep the voltage constant so as to work out the issue thoroughly.

What you will get from Vfolk Pro is, your last puff tastes just the same pleasant as the first puff. Each inhalation is guaranteed with consistent performance regardless of the battery level.

2. Quadruple leakproof

*Problem solved: e-juice inhaling or poor contact or even short out caused by leakage;

Many of pod systems out there are declared “no leaking”, but they don’t really deliver.

Vfolk Pro pod is the one who makes a difference in it. Featuring the 4 levels of leakage protective system, the Vfolk Pro pod can effectively prevent e-liquid from internal and external leaking no matter how it is placed. See the structure of the quadruple leakproof system below;

With the precise leak-proof structure, Vfolk Pro pod has been rated with 5 stars so many times and it is the very feature that makes users go WOW after they use it for a while.

3. Ceramic Feelm 4.0 atomizer

*Problem solved: burned or harsh taste

There are many kinds of ceramic wick technology applied in pod vapes, but the FEELM has the latest and most cutting-edge technology among them. What most people know about FEELM technology is it’s a patented black ceramic conductor and metal film wicking system that was introduced in 2018. And there is a fact that most people don’t really know is, FEELM tech is now featured only in about 20 pod vapes globally made by 13 brands, Vfolk Pro is one of the latest.

Since there is no actual coil inside the pod, you will not fell a burned taste at the end.

More importantly, due to the featured 0.01mm micron-scale honeycomb structure, the e-juice molecules encased by heat can be finely and fully vaporized to deliver an authentic nicotine hit and smooth taste that has been described as curing the craving of cig.

What e-juice is in VFOLK Pro Pod?

One of the top concerns when talking about e-cigs is what we actually inhale when we vape. Choosing a safe e-liquid is a really important matter for everyone.

That is why Vfolk goes through the most strict international inspection and authentication system. Vfolk Pro prefilled pods have 9 flavors selling worldwide, each of flavors has the TPD and FDA certificates which are posted on the website’s product page for public reference.

So we can take pride in to saying that we were able to make flavors with a fresh delivery and a fulfilling aftertaste, that is 100% safe for our customers. 


Vfolk is committed to helping smokers pleasantly switch from smoking to vaping. Apparently the core of our first product – Vfolk Pro is the advanced vaping technology that ensures the delivery of this purpose.

That is why we gave so much time and research to our first-of many to come product Vfolk Pro, to make it an advanced vape that can thrill even the hard-core smokers and vapers of our generation.

Try it yourself to see the difference!